We Partner with Ambitious Business Owners to Implement Powerful, Results-Oriented Marketing

If You are the Best at What You Do and Want to Dominate Your Market, We’ll Help You Do It.
We Build Marketing Machines and Leverage Market-Leading SEO, Paid Ads, and Sales Systems.

Does your website generate new leads and sales for you? Or, did you get a pretty looking website that does nothing for your business? The purpose of your website is to get you found, deliver a clear message to your target market, and convince them to do business with you. Your website is about your customer and if you don’t build it with this in mind, you are wasting your money. Get more info about the essential elements of your website design.

You’re great at what you do and the world needs what you have to offer. They only need to be able to find you. Implement a digital marketing campaign designed to dominate your market, get found, and attract the best clients. We believe in marketing in-tandem, meaning multi-faceted campaigns to capture your market where they are and when they’re ready. Learn more about digital marketing for your business by clicking below.

If your business runs off the consistent flow of sales then you need an effective lead generating system. Your sales funnels need to combine clean design optimized for conversions, sales copy, and effective follow up systems. Apply effective ad targeting strategies and you can scale up your sales to as much as you can handle. Contact us today to learn more about sales funnels and how to quickly implement one of these powerful systems for your business.

Your Marketing Should Produce Actual Results

As a marketing agency, we give you leverage. You focus on your expertise and we’ll broadcast you to the world as the expert and leader that you are. We offer results-oriented marketing campaigns that make a positive impact on your bottom line. We’ll help you stop competing on price, stop competing as a commodity service, and start dominating your market.

We work with select professional service, home service, and select medical service providers. We limit our engagements to motivated, experienced, and committed clients. You can inquire further about our services by giving us a call or submitting a message through our contact forms.


You offer the best service and are the best choice in your market. People only need to be able to find you. If they can’t, they end up building the business of your competitors. Currier Marketing Agency will elevate your online presence, your authority, and your reputation through the implementation of effective, powerful marketing strategies and tactics.

We work with you to identify, design, & implement marketing strategies and tactics that bring you results – we mean real, tangible, bottom-line impacting, dollars-in-the-bank results. Complete our discovery form to tell us a little about you and we’ll schedule a complimentary call to discuss the best opportunities for your business.

A Results-Oriented Digital Marketing Agency

We are a full-service digital marketing agency located in Santa Rosa, CA. We work best with small businesses that want to grow and create a steady flow of new customers. We do this by building marketing systems that leverage website design, landing page development, search engine optimization (SEO), paid ad programs (PPC), and social media marketing. We partner with our clients to produce measurable results. Contact us today to discuss your marketing needs and business goals.

Reputation Management

It’s not just about getting found – it’s about presence. Positive presence goes a long way, and a few negative reviews (every business has them) can destroy your credibility if not properly managed. We take reputation to the next level by proactively establishing your credibility, gathering positive reviews, and showcasing your expertise.

Search Engine Optimization

Someone is searching for what you offer, and your competition wants to be found first. Implement search engine optimization designed to dominate your market, get found, and attract the best clients. We believe in marketing in-tandem, meaning multi-faceted campaigns to capture your market where they are and when they’re ready.

Website Development

Design awards are great, but results are our priority – our websites show your authority in the market and cause visitors to take action. They’ll find you, they’ll remember you, and they’ll see you as the leading choice. Get a website that provides real results to your business – convert visitors into paying clients & customers!

Marketing Strategy

Comprehensive strategy development, planning and implementation of your marketing plan. You’re great at what you do, let us put you in front of your target market. Our solutions are custom designed and catered towards your level of investment, strategy, and goals to get you the greatest return as quickly as possible.

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