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Sales Funnels

Do you operate a business that needs a consistent flow of new leads?

Sales funnels, when properly set up, can help automate and scale your lead generation process – helping you to identify and generate new leads ready to do business with you.

These automated systems can help move your prospective buyers through a multi-step, multi-modality process that takes them from being a cold lead to a warm lead, and then turning them into a ready and willing buyer.

Sales Funnel Basics

Sales funnels can be as easy as having a simple lead capture page and a way to generate consistent traffic to the page. Depending on your sales process, you can also add multiple steps and create a more advanced system.

At a minimum, if you want to generate new leads you need to offer some compelling reason for someone to give you their contact information. This is typically done through an offer of value or an information request and has to be compelling at the moment.

Creating an offer is typically the easiest aspect for many businesses. The key to an effective funnel is putting your offer in front of the right audience. There are many softwares available that help build funnels, but no software can replace the unique knowledge of the business owner in determining the ideal customer.

Having a sales funnel in place to generate and capture leads combined with putting that funnel in front of the right audience is the powerful combination businesses need in order to have an effective funnel.

Build a Sales Funnel

You can have an effective sales funnel set up and running in a matter of days, and with focused direct-response ads pushing new prospects into your funnel, you can be generating sales that can scale to as much as you can handle.

If you’d like to learn more about sales funnels and the process involved with setting these up, complete the discovery form and we’ll contact you to set up your complimentary strategy call. We’ll tell you whether or not a sales funnel will work for your business, outline the entire process, and outline an estimated return on your advertising & lead generation spend.

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